Friday, June 7, 2013

      The school talent show will be on Wednesday, June 12, at 1pm and 7pm.
The students are to come dressed in their show clothes on Wednesday.
Students performing in the evening show are to return to the classroom at
6:30pm.  One parent is to come to the classroom after the show to meet and
take your child home.  Enjoy!

Afterschool program ends on Thursday, June 13. 
Dismissal will be at 11:30 on the following dates:  Friday, June 14
                                                                           Monday, June 17
                                                                           Tuesday, June 18
                                                                           Wednesday, June 19
                                                                           Thursday, June 20
You are asked to be on time for each dismissal day.

The last day of school is Thursday, June 20.  Happy Summer Vacation!


Monday, June 10
Spelling - study and write words 16-20 3x each
Script - do p. 78 in pen

Tuesday, June 11
Spelling - use words 16-20 in sentences
Script - do p. 79 in pen

Wednesday, June 12
No Homework

Thursday, June 13
No Homework

Friday, June 14
No Homework

Remember to worship God on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!