Sunday, June 20, 2010

End of School Note and Honor Roll

Dear Students,

Congratulations! You are official 4th Graders. How proud I am of your many

In the 4th Grade remember to do all your homework, raise your hand and participate in class, and always try your best. I will be looking for your names on the 4th Grade Honor Roll.

You provided me with many wonderful memories of my first year in Third Grade. Your sense of humor, helpfulness, kindness and loving spirit made our class a happy room to be in. I enjoyed being with you everyday.

Remember to worship God over the summer months. Say your prayers daily and attend Mass on the weekends.

Keep your brain active. Read a book, write about your summer adventures and practice those multiplication tables. Don't be a couch potato. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air outdoors.

Lastly, relax and have a Happy Summer Vacation!


Ms. J. Jakubowski

Congratulations to the following students on achieving the following honors:

Principal's Honor Roll

Bryan Bless
Gabrielle DeJesus
Lizbeth Dominguez
David Gonzalez
Vincent Huang
Natalia Mos
Daniel Pira
Jasmine Ramos
Anthony Tristani

First Honor Roll

Katherine Garcia
Douglas Levy
Marlissa Mendez
Wesley Perez
Christopher Powell
Emily Rosas
Alyssa Suarez

Second Honor Roll

Christopher Carbuccia
Antonio Hernandez
Stephanie Neri
Jeyda Pacheco

Effort Roll

Jaytsia Merizalde

Perfect Attendance

Vincent Huang
Jasmine Ramos

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Monday, June 7
Grammar - do p. 209
Science - read p. C88-91
Return all overdue library books.
Wear gym clothes tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 8
Grammar - do p. 211
Science - read p. C94-97

Wednesday, June 9
Grammar - do p. 197
Science - read p. C100-105

Thursday, June 10
Grammar - do p. 199
Dismissal tomorrow, Friday, is 11:30.

Friday, June 11
Grammar - do p. 201

Have a great weekend!